Lord of the Rings Marathon Party

 I just love the idea of having a Lord of the Rings Marathon Party.  Ideally on a cool clear night where you could do it outside.  You could do it on Baggins Day (September 22)
Or right before the Hobbit comes to theaters! Hopefully everyone will just calm down and it will be filmed in New Zealand under Sir Peter Jackson

For really long movie marathons you need a lot of food to eat throughout the movie
Lembas Bread
Cookies cut into shapes:

Rohan Horses with white icing
Oval cookies with icing:
Shelob Cookies:
Mount Doom Lava Cakes:

Potato Stew:
"Po-Ta-Toes. Boil em. Mash em. Stick em in a stew."
Salted Pork:
Pippin- "The salted pork is particularly good."
Fish: Smeagol Food
Carrot sticks
"A shortcut to what?"
The One Ring Onion Rings:
Strawberries and Cream:
Sam- "and eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries?"
There seemed to be a lot of eating apples and apples in the movie with Merry and Pippin
Kiwi slices, which look like the green eye of Sauron
Bag End
 I would do it with this action figure Frodo though